How To Earn Money Online In India For Students

Hey everyone so today I am going to be revealing a 13 different website and apps on How To Earn Money Online In India For Students that you can use to make money online at home for free.

Today I have made this list of a 13 different website that you can use to make money online at home or on your phone that have no startup costs or any investment costs.

1.Couponchief :

For some people know that website like coupon chief is exactly what you’re looking for registration is free and once you ‘reregistered you can submit a coupon to their website.

If you’re the first person to register coupon you’ll get two percent of each sale when somebody uses your coupon and you can get up to 25 dollars per month per coupon. it’s visited by millions of people every year and so people do use the coupon submitted on the site to buy things online.

One user on reddit mentioned that they earn up to 140 dollars a month passively offer the coupons that they’ve previously submitted for.

2. TextBroker :

This is the website where companies like eBay and staples hire writers to write articles for their website and guess what text broker allows users from many countries around the world to register and potentially earn a full-time income for writing these articles.

You take a writing test and depending on how good a writer you are you can earn up to 5 cents a word per article which would mean you’d earn 25 for a 500 word article.

3. Oneclass :

 A website like OneClass that pays you 470 dollars to submit your study notes for college classes that you’re already taking and already have to take notes for anyway.

By submitting you study notes you can easily make money as beginner. So this is How To Earn Money Online In India For Students is works.

4. Merch by amazon :  

If you’re searching a full-time income Source you might be more interested in this Merch by Amazon. this is a fun side source that’s available to over 100 countries worldwide.

It earns many people a full-time income of thousands of dollars every month by creating and selling merch like t-shirts hoodies phone cases and even phone pop sockets. it is100 percent free to make and sell these so here ‘s how it works.

Once you register for amazon’s merch program and are accepted you then come in and select which the type of products you’d like to promote your own version of and upload either a picture or a slogan that you’ve made.

Once you’ve done that you can then come in and modify the product that you’ve chosen to sells. set a product price for it the higher the product price the higher the commission you earn.

You create a product page for it which is super simple you just need to give your march a title two descriptive bullet points and short description and that’s it. Now you can easily earn more and more.

5. userlytics :

It is another website that pays you for completing simple tasks big companies like Microsoft need to test their websites to ensure that they’re easy to uses.

They hire testers through userlytics to complete simple tasks such as locating an about us page on their website and then provide feedback on whether it was easy to find the about us page or not. they pay between five dollars and twenty dollars per test.

6.Usability Hub :

 It’s often a good idea to sign up to multiple of these websites because they match them to users based on their demographics such as your age. so you can’t just complete tasks you can only complete tasks that are assigned and fit to you. so the more websites you sign in to the more tests that you’ll be given every month.

Usability Hub is another website that offers usability tests like this and so is this free website. here loop 11 and user brain is another free website as Usability Hub.

You can sign up to that specializes in short 5 to 15 minute and make more money.

 7.user testing :

As they pay ten dollars per test which on average takes 20 minutes. so apps you can see you can easily do multiple per hour when I registered for the site. the first task I was given waste try to locate the opening hours on museum’s website and give feedback on.

Whether it was difficult to find or not it was actually kind of interesting and enjoyed doing it. checked on reddit and saw many people on their using this to earn hundreds even thousands of dollars inside money each year from alone. So this is how you can earn 100 dollars a day.

8. Share A sale:

It is a huge directory that contains lots of affiliate programs affiliates from share style made over one billion dollars last year in commissions. for me people this would be full-time income alone and the wonderful thing is you can create video tutorials for apps.

I play set and link to them with affiliate links whether you have a millions subscribers or have no subscribers. so share a sale is one website to find these affiliate offers to advertise.


 You can make money online for free by transcribing videos. is on of the best and the most paying over all. if you go to reddit you’ll see that some people use to earn 100 of dollars every week working whenever it suits them.

For people like this that need simple flexible data entry work that they Can do from home and don’t need to make millions of dollars.

10. GMR Transcription:

If you’re really serious about transcribing you can apply to GMR transcription. they make you do a big test to determine if you’re good enough. but if you’re willing to take it and you pass then they do offer some of the highest rates in the industry which is why people earn a thousand to three thousand dollars a month on average here. :

You can also start your own print on demand store on this website here. Etsy usually it costs money to start a store on Etsy it’s definitely lot more complex to set one up on.

Etsy compared to redbubble but unlike redbubble which gets 30 to 40million visitors a month Etsy gets hundreds of millions of visitors a month.. This full-time income because the market is bigger and thus there is more sales.

12. Respondent :

Next free money making website and that is respondent. this is a website where you can answer surveys submitted by businesses for product research. they match you with surveys eligible to your demographic they’re usually around 30 minutes in length.

I checked on reddit in some days people earn 100 of dollars when they eligible for surveys. but again since surveys are matched to your demographics some days you won’t be eligible for surveys. but the payouts when you are eligible are really good so the general advice is just to keep checking back every day to see if any survey pops up that you’re eligible for.

13.EssayPro :

Our next website on the list EssayPro. this is actually one of the most lucrative ways to earn money online by writing now. there are perfectly legitimate reasons why people pay for essays it ‘soften done to aid in studying.

But it’s also done to aid in something else cheating and you never know what your customer is going to use your essay. for there was an interesting article in the half post where an ex-essay writer discussed the gig they said the pay was great and they had as much work as they wanted while being flexible. so you know if you don’t mind that your essay that you write can be used both good and bad.

So these are 13 one of best ways on How To Earn Money Online In India For Students. By using these websites you can easily make money online without any investments.

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