How To Earn Money Online Without Investment For Students

Hello friends, today I am going to show you How To Earn Money Online Without Investment For Students from which you can make money online, some of the ways I am going to show you in this blog are super easy quick ways that you can literally make cash in minutes others require a bit more effort but all of them are free and I know they work because I verified them myself now let’s dive straight into it the number seven is :


Back now this one is not going to make you lots and lots of money but it can make you some quick cash.

I recently tried this out  and made around about 5 dollars in 30 minutes the way that it works is you can essentially earn cashback for signing up to free trials for certain things and services online like amazon prime.

And then all you need to do is cancel that trial and you get to keep the cash back the site that I use is called oh my dosh and if you look on here you can see they have lots of different offers and cashback offers, like that this oh my dosh is a UK based and there’s lots of other websites out there that offer but for now let’s move onto the next one. This was the first way on How To Earn Money Online Without Investment For Students.

Print On Demand Business

It is a great business model which allows you to sell unique products online and you never have to invest in any stock up front because you create a design for say for instance a t-shirt when someone places the order for that t-shirt from you then you can send a notification to a printing company who will print that t-shirt and then send it to your customer simple.

And you keep the difference in profit to make this work you need to use a website such as they deal with all of the fulfillment and printing and you just need to upload your designs onto here traditionally you would need a website and you would also need money for adverts but if you want to do this totally for free you should use a website called

It’s a marketplace full of products similar to amazon but they mainly focus on hand made unique products and a lot of people make money on this using print on demand and all you need to do is come up with an idea for say for instance a t-shirt and then you can list it on etsy.

Further Assist

Now to make this work because there’s obviously quite a lot of competition on etsy you really want to niche down all you need to jump on a trend for instance if you would have got onto the squid game hype recently the netflix series and created a t-shirt around that you could have made some sales but one thing to note is when you come toetsy you will see that you have to pay20 cents per listing.

Which obviously its almost free but it’s not free if you want to get just type in free listings what you’ll see is that there’s lots of people that have listed these things where you can get 40 free listings and you don’t need to buy anything it’s essentially their referral link you click on their referral link and open a store with 40 free listings and they will also get 40 free listings which is why they’re sharing it on etsy so you can create a store 100 percent for free. This was the Second way on How To Earn Money Online Without Investment For Students.

Reviewing Products

Now I have made thousands of dollars reviewing products over the years and I will show you that, how you can earn, make money from this the profit accumulator which is an online membership site and affiliate marketing is when you get paid out of commission for referring people to a certain product.

One of the best ways of doing that especially when you’re starting out is just simply by reviewing those products but now I just want to show you how you can do this even if you’ve got zero subscribers or zero following online and even if you don’t want to show your face and you don’t even need to buy the product either you can still make money from this model so the way to do that you need to sign up to like an affiliate network such as click bank.

There’s lots of affiliate networks out there with lots of products that you can promote you’ll find them by heading to google but if you go to click bank sign up for free and then go to data to market place and you want to organize to recent products that have been added to the marketplace this is really important.

If you actually want to stand out because if you go and try and promote a product that’s been around for a long time there will be a lot of other people competing for that. This was the third way on How To Earn Money Online Without Investment For Students.

Flipping Free Furniture

Now this is probably one of the most old-fashioned ones on this list but it really does work I did this a little while ago when I first started out and you can make good money from this and it’s really simple it’s self-explanatory you find furniture that people are giving away for free with websites like free cycle or you can even look on like gum tree in the UK Orcraigs list in America.

And then you essentially get those products you might need to clean them up a little bit and then you want to resell them on places like Facebook marketplace where there’s a lot more traffic and a lot more people are focusing on at the moment and you can just add like 10 or whatever on to the price and you can make some profit from this free furniture. This was the fourth way on How To Earn Money Online Without Investment For Students.

Facebook Groups

To make money with Facebook groups you just need to create a group around a certain niche or certain trend so you can even create a Facebook group it might be a bit late to the game with this but about squid game like this and you could then get people joining that Facebook group.

And at the top of that Facebook group once people come in you could have your links to your Etsy store that you’ve created your print on demand products or you could send them free to affiliate actually starts to push it for you on your behalf and promote it and get other people to join it and you’ll start to see the numbers start to grow

Selling Services

On Fiverr now you do not need to be skilled in any way to do this I will tell you exactly how so if you don’t know fiverr is a marketplace where you can offer your services and people will pay for them and you can do them like logo design and things like that you do not need to really have a skill to make this work.

People wanted to have circles around their profile pictures so they stood out I spotted this as a trend and I thought I am gonna offer this on fiverr and you can just do simple things like this but the key to succeeding with this is trying to jump on a trend before everyone else jumps on it trying to find something that people will need and create a service around that for example obviously I did this with a club house profile picture.

YouTube Videos

I could not do a video on Youtube without mentioning one of my favorite ways of making money for free which is creating content on youtube I just want to show you some results from this because you do not need to be some crazy personality or anything like that.

You can just create videos about stuff you are passionate about and you can make a lot of money from affiliate links but also from the adsense on youtube it is a really good way and there’s still a lot of opportunity out there where you’re just going through some top websites which pay out money or anything that you’re interested in.

 Start to put content out there and you can make a lot of money from it and it’s obviously led to me earning lots of money from affiliate marketing as well because you could add it into doing reviews and you could do talk about different products that you’ve used and add all that into your channel and build it up.

Make a lot of money it doesn’t cost a single penny to get started and the sky is literally unlimited so that’s why I think it is number one in my list of top ways to make money online for free so I hope you liked the blog.

So these are the some best ways for how to earn money online without investment for students. So by following these methods you can easily make money online as beginners.

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