How To Make 100 Dollars A Day

Hello Friends, in this blog I’m going to tell you the 7 best ways of How to make 100 dollars a day. If you want to know how to make money online for beginners then you are at the right place. So let’s know how to make 100 dollars a day by these following ways :

 1. DropShipping:

Now starting with number one is drop shipping. If you don’t even know what is drop shipping is basically becoming the broker leveraging other distributers to sell different products online. So if you want to know how to make 100 dollars a day here it is.

So for example let’s just say you wanted to sell phone cases and you found a supplier that’s selling phone cases for two dollars, you then will create a website sell those phone cases for.

Let’s say 10 dollars then when a customer orders your phone case on your website you profit the 8 dollars difference.

 Pros And Cons of DropShipping :


  • Drop shipping is extremely easy to start and you need very little money to start so you can easily find a supplier online and build a shopify website and then boom you have a drop shipping business.

Cons :

  • For your drop shipping business to be successful you have to do marketing to get sales and this is done through Facebook ads instagram ads instagram influencers or other creative forms of marketing.
  • Marketing part is the most difficult aspect of draw shipping and it can be really expensive. Another negative of drop shipping is that since you’re leveraging other supplies you’re 100 reliant on them. So if they have inventory problems or if they take too long to ship out their products that can really hurt your drop shipping business. So keep that in mind if you’re starting a drop shipping business.

 2. Affiliate marketing:

So affiliate marketing is basically selling someone else’s product in exchange for affiliate commission. So for example let’s just say that you sign up for affiliate program for a company and they’re offering 30 dollars affiliate commissions for their products. If you sell one of their products for a 100 dollars, you will get a 30 dollars affiliate commission which would be 30 dollars.


  • The positives for affiliate marketing is that it’s extremely easy to get started.You can easily sign up for affiliate program online and get started right away.
  • Another positive affiliate marketing is that you’re basically the middleman so all you have to do is sell products. So if you’re really good at marketing you can make a lot of money and scale really fast and can make 100 dollars a day.


  • Main negative of affiliate marketing is that it’s totally reliant upon advertising and marketing. So if you’re not good at marketing you’re not going to make money with affiliate marketing.

3.Print on demand:

So print on demand is kind of like drop shipping it’s also kind of like affiliate marketing. It’s basically designing products and leveraging other manufacturers to sell those products.

For example let’s just say you wanted to sell t-shirts so then what you’ll do is you’ll find print-on-demand platform like So let’s just say they are charging eight dollars for the t-shirt. You’ll then use that platform to design the t-shirt and put whatever logo or brand name that you want to put on it.

let’s just say you want to sell that t-shirt for twenty dollars. So then once you get a sell for that twenty dollar t-shirt the print online platform will create the t-shirt, ship it out directly to your customer for eight dollars and then you profit the 12 dollars.

Pros :

  • Print on demand is extremely easy to get started like I said you can go to any print-on-demand platform create and design t-shirts or other aspects of clothing. Then boom you have a print-on-demand business.
  • Another pros on print on demand is that you have to use very little of your capital to get started. Because you’re leveraging other manufacturers so because of this you can make a lot of money and scale really fast. because you could virtually sell an unlimited amount of products.


  • The main cons of print on demand is just like drop shipping and affiliate marketing it’s 100 percent reliant upon marketing. so if you’re not good at marketing or advertising you really won’t make money.

4. Amazon Affiliate:

It is extremely popular affiliate stands for fulfilled by amazon. This business model is basically buying a whole bunch of products to sell on amazon by sending it to amazon affiliates warehouses and having them fulfill the orders for you when you get sales.

Pros :

  • Amazon is extremely popular and a lot of people order from amazon. Amazon has a lot of customers for you to make money selling products on their.
  • Another positive is that you basically don’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing since all the customers are already on amazon itself.

Cons :

  • The huge negative of amazon affiliates that you have to spend a lot of money up front to order a lot of products to send to amazon. If you don’t get sales you’re going to be left with the inventory and potentially lose out on a lot of money. so keep that in mind when starting amazon affiliate.

5. Social media management:

So Social media management is managing social media accounts for other businesses. You can also manage these social media on your mobile phone, if you don’t have a laptop and Earn Money Online Without Investment In Mobile.

So let’s talk about the pros and cons of social media management

Pros :

  •  Social media management is a huge market for you guys to make money and use your technology and your knowledge on how to use social media to make money by managing other business and social media.
  • Another positives that you can make a lot of money and scale really fast. because you can find a whole bunch of different businesses that do not have a social media and run multiple different social media accounts. so there’s no limit tithe amount of social media accounts that you can run.

Cons :

  • Before Actually finding customers and clients keep that in mind when starting this business you need to actually go out yourself. A lot of this is probably done not only through emailing these businesses but actually going to them in person and asking them if they need social media management.
  • So the main negative for social media management businesses is actually finding the clients that’s most of the work in this business. once you do that and achieve that and become good at that you can make a lot of money in the social media management.

6. Advertising agency:

An advertising agency is basically running ads for a business and managing their advertising.

So let’s talk about the Pros and the Cons of running an advertising agency :

Pros :

  • It’s a huge market for businesses out there that need to advertise on social media but do not know how to do it. that’s where you guys could come in and you guys start an advertising agency to do that for them.
  • Another positive for starting an advertising agency is that the potential is basically limitless. because you can run a whole bunch of ads for multiple different businesses and they could pay you on a continual basis.

Cons :

  • You have to learn how to do Facebook ads Instagram ads Google ads and a whole bunch of different social media advertising. so that you can actually offer this to small businesses and other businesses across the world and not only that but once you acquire the knowledge of social media advertising.
  • You have to actually go out and find customers and clients that will pay you to advertise for them. but it shouldn’t be much of a problem because if you learn how to advertise you then should know how to advertise yourself to find these clients.

7. YouTube:

As you know YouTube is an extremely powerful and lucrative platform to make money. By YouTube you can Earn Money Online Without Paying Anything That’s Crazy.

Let’s talk about the positives and the negatives and making money on YouTube :

Pros :

  • YouTube is extremely easy to get started you really just have to have camera and if you don’t have a professional camera you can use your phone camera. then you just got to hit that record button and then make videos. it could be passive income meaning that once the videos are on YouTube, you don’t have to make any more videos.Because those videos on YouTube will keep generating you money as time comes.


  • Now the main negative about making money on YouTube is that if you’re just getting started it’s going to be difficult to get a lot of views and subscribers.
  • Chances are that you’re going to have to make a lot of videos and a lot of content. before you ever start making money on YouTube my advice on making money on YouTube is to create content and videos on stuff that you love. stay consistent even if you’re not getting as many views as you want to because in the end patience and consistency always wins in these situations.


So these Are the best and easy ways to learn how to make 100 dollars a day. By following those steps you can easily make 100 dollars a day. So go ahead an make money online as teenager or whatever you are.

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