How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically

If you’re looking to grow your instagram followers organically, you can do so by following these top simple tricks. Followers don’t just come from the people you follow on instagram, they also come from your posts, hashtags and even your competitors.

Instagram is an amazing social media platform where it’s easy to get more views on your posts with a few tricks.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. If you are looking to grow your instagram followers organically, then instagram engagement will help you achieve that goal.

1. Be Creative when creating content:

If you’ve used Facebook, Twitter and Instagram without any marketing strategy whatsoever, it’s a safe bet you won’t be able to reach the level of engagement that your competitors are.

You need to make the right balance between relevance, creativity and quality in order to engage your followers.

It all comes down to storytelling – making sure that it matches your brand identity (i.e., being relatable).

If you think about it, Instagram is all about photos- so why not use it for real? Share photos of beautiful locations, your workspace and creative work. It’s an opportunity to show the world what you do.

You can also share over pins from other accounts or upload inspirational quotes to get the hashtag trending on social media.

2. Create Engaging Content:

The best way to grow your Instagram account is by creating engaging posts and engaging conversations. You need to go beyond just posting pictures.

You must post quality content and engage with your followers and can schedule your posts and post regularly. As a result, your Instagram account will get more and more followers. This will help you to Grow Instagram Followers Organically fast.

If you want to grow your instagram followers, you have to have a plan. Instagram is one of the most useful Social Media platforms for any brand or business. It has become a major part of the marketing strategy for many business.

There are many methods available to grow your instagram followers organically. You can follow your competitors’ followers, join a group with related hashtags, you can create a list of related accounts within your niche, and engage yourself with the target audience using hashtags.

3. Be Responsive to followers:

There are numerous ways you can successfully gain more followers on Instagram. You need to have a clear-cut marketing strategy.

Instagram is an excellent tool to market your business. It’s a good way to grow your brand. Instagram can be used to connect with your followers and followers with you.

It also gives a chance to grow your business by showing your products, service and other things that you are doing. Instagram is a great way to connect with your followers and followers with you.

It also gives a chance to grow your business by showing your products, service and other things that you are doing. So use this tip to Grow Instagram Followers Organically

Once you’ve created your Instagram account, the first thing that you need to do is get those people who followed you on other sites (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) to follow you on this new social networking platform.

And while it may seem like a no-brainer, but linking to your Instagram profile from all of these networks right away will help with this process.

At first, it might seem like a waste of time and effort to link anyone back to your profile but in the long run, you’ll see that it will be an instant boost to your account.

Alternate between linking people directly to your Instagram feed and share different links (for example, Facebook pages you like) so that everyone sees what is on there.

What’s more, adding a ‘follow me on Instagram’ option right at the end of all of your posts works wonders too.

5. Use Relevant Hashtags:

Hashtags can be used to help you find your posts and make them stand out. The thing is, not everyone uses hashtags as intended.

It’s a good idea to use hashtags in accordance with the text on your photo so that they accurately reflect what you’re promoting.

Most importantly, make sure that there’s a tag within every hashtag you add so that people don’t miss it when searching for your Instagram account.

Also, try creating multiple tags to reach a wider range of Instagram users or choose different tags for each post so it doesn’t look like spammy advertising campaign.

During the photos and videos you take, try to use relevant hashtags. Check out what other Instagram users are doing—and do it yourself! Post a photo of your cat on Instagram with #cats? I doubt even your cat would like that.

Get creative—the better you’re at using hashtags, the more likely people are to follow you as well as find your content inherently interesting.

6. Mention your location:

There are many ways you could interact with followers. You can be more relevant to them by being where they are, and it’s something that should definitely considered when growing your Instagram account!

You don’t have to always go on location in order to build up your audience. If you live near a certain area or if there is an event coming up, use it as an opportunity for you connect with other people.

With the constant increase of digital marketing and its interaction with audiences, location-based targeting is a very powerful tool. Sounds crazy?

You have to admit that it makes sense! Being targeted based on where you are helps you reach the people who really need to see your content.

Location targeting lets Instagram decide which post users will view at a certain time of day or in specific locations.

7. Ask users to tag their friends:

7. Ask users to tag their friends

Adding hashtags outside of your caption will encourage people to tag their friends in the post and find it more likely that they’ll engage with you.

According to Instagram, “a like is even better than a follow or a comment when it comes to getting new followers. Likes from brands drive dramatic growth for influencers, driving impressions so high that engagement spikes and reach goes through the roof.”

So start off by encouraging users to tag their friends so that they could watch your post on the Explore tab.

Once it gains traction, encourage them to tag more people, which would make it appear more frequently on the user’s feed and can help you get discovered organically.

Alternatively, you can also engage in a Giveaway Loop of sorts if you have followers interested in what you have to offer.

This will generate organic traffic and new Instagram followers when enough of your audience indirectly tags others via the contest / giveaway post.

8. Post your posts on a strategic time:

Instagram is a very visual platform. It’s also important for brands and companies trying to grow their audience on Instagram that they post at the right time.

The more you post, the better it will look to your followers and they’ll be less likely to unfollow you if there’s nothing new (and good) in their feed. It goes without saying that your audience is getting older too, so make sure not only do you post at a strategic time but also keep in mind what interests them most and tailoring that towards your content as well.

For example: If I know my audience loves travel shots then for sure I would choose “Travel Tips”.

9. Schedule your Instagram posts:

Instagram scheduling allows you to generate more leads from your efforts because it boosts engagement.

See the time and date when you can post a new photo in your account. Then, check on Instagram’s scheduler tool to see what posts are trending or popular right now.

Schedule content to ensure that you have enough time to post consistently, and don’t miss crucial days. Use scheduling tools like Buffer or Hootsuite for this.

It’s recommended to schedule your Instagram posts at least a couple of days in advance. This will help you keep track of which images are the best ones and create compelling content to share on the platform.

10. Use Instagram stories:

This is a powerful way to catch the audience’s attention. While they may choose to view your Instagram profile in its entirety, posting on Instagram Stories will entice them to either start following you or keep tabs on your content since it occurs in real time. Add plenty of high-quality images on your stories.

Ensure that there are enough quality images for viewers to make things more interactive like giving ratings and comments so as not losing followers if they stop looking at your post easily.

You can also include gifs and video posts too! This makes it easier for people to comment or follow you.

Stories on Instagram can be quite interactive. This means you could include an emoji, ask a question as opposed to posting directly, or use any other tool that will help engage followers in your story.

You could even answer questions sent by people if you want to go the extra mile while they’re watching.

Some of the ways to grow on Instagram organically without followers are:

Some quick overview to grow Instagram followers organically:

  • Write best and interactive captions
  • Don’t Use limitless hashtags
  • Before posting know who you are posting for on Instagram feeds.
  • Make your profile great by creating awesome bio.
  • Follow right people on instagram.
  • Go live on Instagram to interact with your followers.
  • Join Engagement groups to grow followers.
  • Find good Hashtags and use them properly
  • Always reply to new visitors.
  • Don’t use fake followers apps increase followers?
  • Post according to your followers needs.
  • Engage in conversations
  • Post content that’s popular
  • Create an account for your business
  • Follow the best Instagram accounts in your niche and start engaging with them
  • Create a consistent posting schedule of about 3-4 posts per day
  • Use hashtags to help reach more people
  • Follow and unfollow people who have a high number of followers, they will most likely follow you back and this is called reciprocation.
  • Engage with people who like your photos or post by commenting on their photo or post, also give them a like on their photos.


It is true that Instagram is a visual platform. The pictures are taken by the users themselves and it doesn’t matter how many followers you have, unless your pictures are good enough to get likes from other users. So to Grow Instagram Followers Organically, just use these tips to get followers on Instagram.

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