Top Fastest and Lightweight WordPress Themes

If you are searching for the top fastest loading WordPress themes then you are at the right place.

I want to go over four of the fastest loading themes for WordPress as we go through each theme.

I’ll put up some speed scores so you can compare. Let’s get started.


GeneratePress is a popular, lightweight theme with great scores when we did our testing.

It has a free version to try out. But if you choose to generate press, we highly recommend the premium version for multiple reasons.

First being while like every other theme mentioned today, generate press is compatible with the popular element or builder.

GeneratePress has its own block-based builder as well as multiple starter sites so you don’t have to build it from scratch.

If you haven’t built your site, and especially if you’re not super comfortable with building one yet, GeneratePress is a great option.

In addition, Elementor also does a great job at staying lightweight.

It does slow your site down ever so slightly compared to GeneratePress and its built-in block-based page builder.

GeneratePress premium costs $59 per year or a one-time $249 payment for lifetime access and updates.


Another one of the fastest loading themes for WordPress is Neve.

Everything here can create an e-commerce site. Neve specializes in it while remaining incredibly lightweight. WooCommerce is its bread and butter.

Easily change checkout styles with a click and maximize your conversion with features like catalog layouts, floating carts and cart notices like GeneratePress need also has multiple starter site templates so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Some of the starter sites even work with the free version.

However, if you want those more powerful WooCommerce features I mentioned earlier, then you’re going to want to pay for a premium version.

The premium version starts at $69 a year, but the version with more starter sites and extra WooCommerce features is $149 per year.


Hestia is another solid, lightweight, and one of the fastest loading themes for WordPress. It’s made by themeisle, the same people that made Neve.

In Hestia’s case, they made a theme that was much more of a catchall.

While they promote its SEO friendliness, and that’s not a lie, I like it for those who already have a site but want to change it up or make it more lightweight.

Hestia is compatible with many of the major page builders Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Site Origin, and Divi.

It tries to keep as much of the site design limited to the customizer as it can with tons of options there.

It’s got WooCommerce compatibility, although not quite as thorough as Neve, but still great and has multiple starter sites if you’re not sure where to begin.

The pro version starts at $69 a year for one site and $99 per year for three sites and access to all premium starter sites.


Last, but very much not least, is Astra. Astra is serious about being lightweight. It is also one of the fastest loading themes for WordPress.

No jQuery to keep it fast requires less than 50 kilobytes of resources to run. In fact, they claim that with completely standard settings, it loads in less than half a second.

While your use case might bring it above that, it won’t be by much. Astra’s settings will seem familiar to any WordPress user.

Site Layouts. Blog Layouts. Settings to change colors and backgrounds globally or on a page-specific basis are all here.

It’s WooCommerce-friendly and has multiple starter sites to begin from.

For those of you who are building or will build online courses, Astra is free, but pro features start at $49 per year and $169 per year for extra features, including add-ons for your page builder of Choice Elementor or Beaver Builder.

So these are the 4 best fastest loading themes you can use in WordPress.

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